Basic Bio 
NameNiamh = Nee-IV
SurnameChalahko ~ Calico
BornSouth Black Shroud
RaceMiqo'te, Moon-Keeper
AgeEarly 20s (1/9)
GenderCis female
OccupationParts & Antiques Saleswoman; Refurbisher/Recycler
AlignmentChaotic Neutral

An enterprising junkmonger tentatively affiliated with operations such as Rowena's House of Splendors and the Skysteel Manufactory, Niamh is found in edifices abandoned and dilapidated, ransacking memories of technological eld for profit. Any motives beyond business are kept to her sleeve. Purveys anything a Garlean war machine may have within its chassis.

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Frequent Travelers > They've probably seen one another on the road
Smiths, Technologists > In need of a relic-tek/machina supplier
Engineers, Tinkerers > To fix the magitek she tampers with
Mercs, Bodyguards > Protect her during dungeon-dives/looting
Adventurers, Sky Pirates > Take her to the floating continents
Heisters, Filchers > Partners-in-crime, associates, rivals
Garleans, Defectors > She'll tail you for leads to bunkers
Diviners, Naturopaths > Help her with her wonky aether
Chocobo Breeders; Trainers > Well-trained, upkept chocobo
Beauticians > She likes to look as good as she feels

  • She may emit radio sounds around you from her transceiver

  • Smells of a mechanic's garage

  • Known to supply scrap metal, tubing, gizmos, what-have-you - and size is no issue

  • Recommended for dungeon crawls/underground ventures

  • Known to have Imperial intel (byproduct of casing castrums)

  • Aether is perceptively a little wonky/unbalanced

  • She is an associate of Rowena's House of Splendors unfortunately

  • Takes work orders from Skysteel Manufactory

  • She'll try to poach your work order if she overhears it

  • She used to be a chocobo jockey at the Gold Saucer

  • Got lotsa uncles, cousins; two brothers outside the Shroud

OOC Info 
  • IC does not equal OOC!

  • 0 Drama, 0 Stress, 100 Fun

I do not think you are your character, for I am not mine. I RP in FFXIV to explore the world through the eyes of one of its citizens.

NO☒ godmodding, maiming, permadeath, ooc bigotry, or ooc drama. I do not write ERP.
YES☑ slice of life, adventure, whimsy, comedy, drama, crime, violence, and horror.
Niamh is unlikely to reciprocate romantic feelings and I am reluctant to write romance (ie. "idk"). Characters pining after her is fine.Your character may not like Niamh, and that's cool. I don't want to force anything for my character, either.I am not a long-term or one-stop-shop RP partner. Niamh's whims are chaotic and therefore her presence is fickle.

  • I have played on and off since 1.0.

  • I consider myself lore abiding and conscientious.

  • I value freedom and am unlikely to tell you what to do about anything, ever.

  • If I feel I do not have freedom, I will flake. I wrote this character taking into account my asociality.

  • I have ADHD. I bring this up because it can affect IG RP with its accompanying grammatical and literacy issues. xP

  • If the situation I am writing is uncomfortable for you to read, please let me know!

Contact: WU/T, Add IG, Mogmail, DM Tumblr, Discord Available

Last Edited - 20/08/08